Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Digital Marketing course in andheri

Digital Marketing Course in Andheri,Mumbai

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Internet  Marketing or Digital Marketing refers to Marketing and Advertising efforts that use website , blog, Email, and Social sites like facebook , twitter to
(1)Make  Awareness (visibility) of Brand ,Product ,services.
 (2)Generate more leads  ,
 (3)Convert sales (convert   enquiry   into  sales)
 (4)Analyze (how many enquiry converted   and which   is not converted by us make  improvement on that)

Internet marketing or digital Marketing   Base   is   Content   Marketing
Content means   text   , images   , Videos   Content   which  give  your message to people.

Marketing has two   types   :
(1) Outbound   Marketing: traditional marketing which we see in news paper ads , TV ads  ,radio    etc.
these   are example of  outbound marketing.
Outbound marketing   works  like  interruption  for example  you are seeing  a  movie  and advertise come in between  that  then what will you do you will change the channel because it  is interrupting you what you are interested to see.
(2)Inbound   Marketing   :
Inbound marketing it just opposite of  outbound marketing   in which we post relevant content on our website , Facebook   type social media, email  through which people get attracted and it also increase our  Website traffic .
Now   let’s start how exactly digital marketing or internet marketing works.

In digital marketing   first of all we prepare a content   according to our  digital marketing objectives  and goals.
Then we start posting our relevant   content   on   relevant 
 website  ,
 facebook ,  
twitter ,
 youtube  ,
blog ,